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May 03, 2004 - Monday, 11:33 p.m.

Feels like Summer

Where my house sits I am pretty far from the railroad tracks, but I am up high and for some reason I can hear the trains whistle as they come through town. If my room is quiet I can hear the train on the tracks as well. The windows are open tonight, and it's still nearly 60 degrees out. I can hear crickets outside. Seems a little early for them to be making an appearance, but they are here. There is very little wind as the chimes outside my window are quiet.

The lady that lives next door to me has two HUGE St. Bernard looking dogs. She has a trampoline in her yard, which is surrounded by a 6 foot fence. The dogs climb on the trampoline so then can peer over the fence. I think they are watching my cats, dreaming of scooby-snacks. My yard is about 4 feet higher then her yard, so if I look out my bedroom window I can see the dog lounging on the trampoline. It's quite a sight!

I got my car back from the shop today. We were standing in their lobby, Phil and I, waiting for them to get the ticket for the car, and Phil commented on how nice their furniture looked. He recalled how when we first started coming their the furniture wasn't too great. He said, "I think our car got them this furniture." It made me chuckle... he's probably right!! We've spent alot there on the car in the last two years. Two clutches, a transmission and now a distributor. I think we are replacing my car one piece at a time... by the way... that isn't the cheapest way to do it if you are making a plan of any sort.

The wedding invitations went out today for Justin and Moon's wedding!! Sunday we, Justin, Moon and I, sat down with Gary and went over the menu for the dinner after the wedding. Gary had some GREAT ideas!! Now he is going to figure out what it takes and we'll hone down the menu as much as we need to, so that it is manageable. I think it is going to be a beautiful wedding!! Char is working on Chinese lanterns. She said the first one she did turned out GREAT!! I am looking forward to seeing it all pulled together.

I have a couple crazy weeks ahead of me. Then I am going to have about 4 weeks to work in the yard and do as much of that as I possibly can then seven weeks of Accounting... Gah! I am so tired tonight... but my mind is skipping around keeping me awake.

The basement project has stalled out. I hate to ask Kevin to come and do anything on it, when I know that I am not paying him, and his time is better spent on doing things that will make money for them. Grrr... so wish I could do the stuff myself. We are at the installation of the windows. I really don't know what to do. If they were just windows in a framed wall I might be able to figure it out. But these all are to fit in concrete openings in the house. ::sighs:: If it were at drywall I could do that... heck.. my dad would probably show up and work on that. But the windows are where we are at. The basement isn't going to be done by the time the wedding happens. It was what I was hoping for, but.. well.. it didn't work that way. I hate that I can't seem to do EVERYTHING myself, especially when I really do hate asking for the help. ::sighs:: I am at the point where I never ask for help with my car any more other then a concensus on what the mechanic tells me. I just spend the money it costs to have someone else do it. I can't possibly do it myself, I just don't have the upper body strength to remove and replace engine parts. I would be ahead to just pay for stuff to be done at my house. It is mostly what I did when I finished the upstairs, I opted for the hardwood floors being redone by some company... too hard for me to do, and didn't want to ask someone to do it for me. Felt bad enough having Kevin help me with the texturing, fortunately he didn't have to spend TOO much time at it. He showed me what to do and I did most of it myself. It isn't perfect, but it looks okay.

Grumble, grumble. I'll figure it out myself or wait until people have time. Once Justin and Moon are married they can both have Curt's room and Curt can use Justin's room until the basement gets done. Hopefully by the end of the summer. Am not going to worry about it. Plenty of other crap to think about.

Some days I really get tired of juggling everything by myself.


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