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May 01, 2004 - Saturday, 9:33 p.m.

May Day

April's gone already. It's amazing how fast time slips by. I've been working on studying for my Business, Government and Society final which is the week after next. One of the main things we studied this half of the semester has been the book "Commanding Heights" (and the PBS DVD series based on the book). I watched the PBS series last semester in Economics as well. I found that I was totally fascinated by the history of it all. I sat and watched the movies and came to realize how much really amazing stuff happened in the economies of the world starting in the late seventies... basically all within my adult life. However, I had NO interest in politics.. well.. ever. And economics, in my mind, was just part of that. I wish I'd have taken an economics class in the first year or two of college, then I could have watched it all unfold. Now, however, it is just history.

I wonder what my economic stance would have been 25 years ago. It amazes me that I had no idea what it meant to be a conservative or a liberal, or a democrat or a republican. It's still in a little mushy in my mind, however I find that I am conservative to a great extent (which falls within the classical or european definition of liberal). I actually believe in less government, and the ability of the free market to work to the advantage of all. It is a very complex issue, and still somewhat fluid for me. I do, though, find it all very fascinating... the numbers, the ebb and flow of the economy... almost like a natural phenomena.

I am watching "Timeline", again... for like the 10th time. I loved the book, and I love the movie just as much. I don't think I've ever seen a time travel movie that I didn't like. This one, having a basis in an archaeology dig, just touches so many of the things that I find interesting. Seems I have been caught up in period pieces as of late. I've watched a number of movies lately. "Timeline", France 1357; "Master and Commander", 1805; "Pearl Harbor" 1941. One of the most entertaining ways to learn history... movies.... and of course... history of the made up kind "Lord of the Rings"... For sure it seems if there is sword play in the movie, I am probably going to like it.

I think it is probably the love stories that thread through the stories that I enjoy the most. (Except Master and Commander, where there was no love story). Marek and Lady Claire; Aragorn and Arwen; Rafe and Evelyn... I'm a sap... what can I say.

I've got to get back to studying.... wish I could drum up the umfph to do something other then lay here watching "Timeline".... hmmm.. now I think Marek is so hot.. Hmmmm... Aragorn too... perhaps I have something for dark haired men with beards... LOL... of course it is more then what they look like... it's the character... love the characters. Where are all the REAL men that would do anything to be with the woman they love?! I'm certainly not running into any of them.

Well... I am going to concentrate on the fantasy world of the movies for a while...

Later.... M.

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