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April 24, 2004 - Saturday, 11:30 a.m.

April Showers...

I can not believe how quickly April is passing. I think that must be a theme in my life. Time is quickly passing always. We got very little snow out of the storm here in the Springs. Lots of moisture so that's good. It's still overcast and cold today. But the plants I planted last week look like they've survived.

I was beyond tired when I got home from work yesterday. I was crabby as well. And more then anything I just wanted to be left alone. It never passed and I slept on and off all night. I woke up a few times, restarted the movie in the DVD player and then fell back asleep within about a half hour. I am still feeling tired and my back is bothering me some.

Tomorrow at noon is the Summer School Committee meeting in Denver and then at 6 pm I am meeting with a group from my Government, Business and Society class, we are going to do some group studying for the final. Our paper for TMG (The Marketing Game) is due next week in Marketing. We've another case study due in Statistic week after next. The semester is definitely winding down.

Gah!! I've just spent hours doing my bills. Dam... I hate doing that. Ugh... how to wreck a morning... I started at 8 am and now it is nearly noon!!

Time to get some air I think.


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