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April 22, 2004 - Thursday, 10:30 p.m.

Snow in April?

Another week of school has passed! Only a couple more weeks to go, then finals week! I am really looking forward to the break. This has been a long week for some reason. And tonight winter has returned to Colorado. A winter storm warning in effect for the next 24 hours. Could get a ton of snow or very little, I guess we'll see what's on the ground in the morning.

I've been extra stressed this week. Am sure it's a combination of school, finances and worrying about my dad. Not nearly enough sleep either. Am real tired tonight and it is just after 9 pm.

I've been thinking about how different life is compared to what you think it is going to be when you are 18. I guess I never really thought about people getting sick, or getting old. Not really. I mean, I knew these things would happen, but I guess somehow I didn't really think about them happening to me or effecting me. I have really been lucky in that my parents and siblings have all always been in good health. I am having a harder time with my dad's being sick then I'd thought. It is bothering me more then I want it too. I know that worrying doesn't help, but I am worried. I am glad that he doesn't seem sick. I'll be glad to know what the consulation has to tell us.

It's snowing outside still..... only about an inch on the ground, but the humidity is at like 93% and they are talking about possibly a foot by tomorrow night. Amazing!

Moon arrived from China this past weekend. She is settling in pretty good. I am very happy to see her and Justin together. They really do seem happy. Only a few more weeks til the wedding!! I am hoping that we can really make it nice for them. Would really like Moon to be very happy with her wedding. I've talked to Gary and he is willing to help cook or anything, which is great!!

I've got to sleep. Certainly hope I can unwind some this weekend.


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