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April 11, 2004 - Sunday, 4:53 p.m.

Sunny and Cold... time to plant flowers...

The morning came sunny and cold. The sun surprized me. I'd thought they'd said to expect cold and snow all weekend. There are only a couple of wispy clouds and the sun is shining good. It's in the mid 40 so I worked in the back yard cleaning out the new flower bed and getting my bulbs planted. It was wet so I came in with LOTS of dirt everywhere, but it's done.

I cleaned up my room. Always like getting that done. Even the bed is cleared off, which seems to get cluttered with school books and notes from my classes.

Last week was a hell of a week! I spent a LOT of time on my Stats test. I finished it up at about 2:30 am Thursday morning and handed it in Thursday night when I went to school. I hope I did decent on it. I am only hoping for a B, but will be VERY disappointed if I get less then that. It burned me out really bad!! I was hoping to go into work on Saturday and get a couple more hours, but I was lucky to even get myself up and dressed. Ended up that I got about 5 hours of sleep on Thursday night and then I went over and visited with Lee at her house til nearly 2 am on Friday night... so again only got about 5-6 hours of sleep on Friday night.

Yesterday I had my birthday party with Mariah at Char's. It was really a nice party. I do so love getting together with my family. We played some Trival Pursuit and ate dinner. Char made ribs and chicken on the grill. It was superb! Then angel food cake with raspberries and whip cream... my favorite. My boys headed hope about 9 pm and I stayed and watched "Uptown Girl" with Lynn, Char, Megan and Mariah. It was really a cute movie. I didn't realize what it was about, but found that I really enjoyed it. So again last night I got home after midnight and was asleep by about 2 am. However I slept until about 10:30 this morning. I'd decided that I wasn't even going to TRY to get up until I was ready. I am still tired, which is good as I'd like to actually go to bed tonight at a decent time.

I'll ride into work with Camille in the morning.. so that means getting up by about 5:50 am. Ugh! I do so love the end of the week when I've dragged my butt out of bed early Monday - Wednesday and gone to work with her. It makes the end of the week lighter. No tests or homework due this week. Yeah!! So just have to do some reading and go through the new Stat's chapter. (Which I should really do today, but can hardly bring myself to do it.)

I am almost done reading "The Fellowship of the Ring", which I started during winter break between semesters. I may just finish that here this afternoon. I got a new CD player for by my bed for my birthday from my mom and dad. I really like it. It's the right size and works good. Char got me a Norah Jones CD which I like... and I bought myself "The Best of the Bee Gee's" I guess I didn't realize how much of their stuff I knew!! Some of the songs I just didn't remember that they did. It's a good double CD.

Have been fighting depression for the last few days. Not sure where it is coming from, I am hoping it's just all the school work and not enough sleep that is doing it. I have tons of laundry again to do. What's up with that?! Seems like it is a constant ongoing thing, which I guess it is. I went through all the mail and pull out the bills. Gah! I hate doing bills. Really should do that today. Perhaps tomorrow night... guess we'll see.

I cooked a turkey Friday night (Well, I actually started it at about 2 am on Saturday morning). The boys are eating on that today, which is good, as I really don't feel much like cooking. I really don't feel much like doing anything.

Moon arrives in Los Angeles at about 6:50 pm on Saturday the 17th. This coming weekend. Justin will fly out of Denver and meet her in LA. They'll get back to Denver by about 2:30 am Sunday morning. Am sure Moon is going to be VERY tired by the time she gets here. I'll have her room all ready for her by Saturday evening. I am looking forward to her getting here and getting to know her.

So much to do... so little time.


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