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April 03, 2004 - Saturday, 9:30 p.m.

Books and Messes...

It's still Saturday. I still need to take my stats test. Gah!! I am not much feeling like doing it. I sure am tired of my boys leaving my house a mess. I spent a bunch of time and money fixing up the house this past summer, but they don't treat it any different. They still eat everywhere and leave plates and crap everywhere. Stuff is getting spilled on the new carpet. I imagine I've done it all just enough before they leave that they'll be able to wreck it all before they move out. GRRRR!!! I am beyond tired of living like this. No one washes dishes or cleans up anything unless I beg them like a thousand times. And then usually it's a half ass job.

I guess I must have done it wrong or they'd show more respect to my stuff. I don't want them to be gone, because I will really miss them when I am all alone here, but I wish to God they help out around here. I went to the store and bought some food and made dinner tonight. Mark my words..their plates will be in their rooms and nothing will be cleaned up in the kitchen. It's like I am the only person with any responsibilities... gosh.. gee whiz... I am.

I went to a movie with Megan this afternoon. "The Prince and Me". It was really a cute movie. Very sweet. Last night Lee and Gaby came over for dinner. It was nice. We had curied chicken and rice. It was really good. We went out to some bookstores after dinner. Philip watched Gaby. We went to Poor Richard's downtown and I bought "The Lord of The Rings" book on tape.

Then we went down to "Borders". I found two books that I splurged on. I bought the last two books in this series. They are beautiful art books and the story just draws you in. It's very fanciful. I like them alot. It's like reading a pile of letter that were written between two people. Some are postcards and others are in envelopes that you open up and pull out the letters. If you've never seen the books you have to at least look at them at a book store. I was completely intrigued the first time I saw the first book. It was someone's coffee table book. Once I read one I had to have them all, and now I do.

I need to do my stats test. ::screams very quietly so no one hears her::

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