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April 03, 2004 - Saturday, 10:56 a.m.

April Showers

It rained last night, quite hard actually. When I woke up this morning there was about an inch of snow on everything except the road and sidewalks. It's snowing again now. I heard on the radio that the month of March hasn't had so little moisture since 1903. Not good news for our on-going drought. So today's snow is quite welcome.

I went to the career fair at school on Friday. I didn't see alot that seemed like it would fit me. Made me a little nervous that I walked out of there with so very little that interested me. Grrr... I am not sure how I want to apply this degree I am working on. I am hoping that as I move through these classes that something is really going to strike me and I am going to see where my strengths are so that I know how to sell myself. It is a little disconcerting to know on the one hand that I am capable of learning anything and knowing that I would be an asset to any company I work for, and yet doubting.. or worrying that I'll be unable to get that point across as I talk to a prospect for employment.

I have my statistics test to take this weekend. It is nerve wracking to take a test on my own time table... cuz I don't have a specific deadline... and yet I do. Ugh!! I need to get the online portion done today. That's my goal and I am so worried that I will mess up on it. Geez!! It's only 20 questions and I have 2 hours. Tomorrow I need to do the take home portion. That also is 20 questions. The online test questions are worth 1 point a piece, the take home test questions are worth 4 points each. Gah!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. Trying not to think about finances... trying to concentrate on school... but worried on the fringes about everything. Sheesh!! Am hoping that Phil gets accepted to CSU. I know how much he wants to go there. Hoping Moon's interview goes well this coming week. I am sure it will, but I know she is worried about it. Hoping school goes well for Justin and Curtis as the semester draws to a close.

Kevin is here working on the basement. I so much appreciate that he is doing this for me! I need to figure out a really nice way to show my appreciation.

I am tired today. I should just go back to sleep for a while. I have a headache that just doesn't seem to want to go away.

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