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January 13, 2004 - Tuesday, 8:02 a.m.

Mill Valley and San Francisco

Sunday was mostly a day for getting from Santa Rosa to San Jose. We didn't get up and going until about 10 am. We went by Mill Valley and had lunch at Pasta Pomodoro. It was VERY good. We visited Jan's Mom for a few minutes and then headed on down to San Jose.

While we were in Mill Valley we went to the Park in town. This time I took some picture of the vegetation around the redwoods and then also we took a picture of Jan and then me.

It's beautiful around the redwoods. It definitely gave me the desire to do some research. I am wondering just how much old growth was clear-cut for the lumber industry and how many old growth groves still exist. How fast do they grow? Do they get the height in the first 100 years and then just get bigger around? Or do they just grow slowly? Lots of questions. Hopefully I'll find some time to do some research.

I picked up the rental car at the airport and got to the hotel by about 5 pm Sunday evening. The hotel is very nice. Much nicer then anything I'd get for myself, so that is a nice treat. Had dinner at the hotel restaurant with Maurice (my co-worker that is taking the course with me)on Sunday evening, which was nice.

Monday we were in our class all day. Lots to absorb, it was a long day. Out to dinner for Japanese with a subcontractor of ours here in San Jose and then a quiet evening back in the hotel room. It's nearly time to start our second day.

I picked up some watercolor pencils last night. I really do like them. Lots of experimentation to do. I was up far too late.

Later... M.

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