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January 09, 2004 - Friday

Santa Rosa

I had a real nice time today. We got up and going by about 9 am. It was raining pretty steady. We went downtown, walked around the mall and then went to lunch at East West Cafť Ė Nawarís restaurant (Heís Janís friend). Then we went to Michaelís and I picked up some art supplies. At 3 pm we went and saw ďThe Return of the KingĒ. Jan hadnít seen it yet and we really enjoyed it.

Santa Rosa is a pretty town. The rain really was nice. Itís easy to forget rain falling like that, just a steady down pour all day long. Everything smells wet and fresh. Everything the loveliest shades of green. The black tar was shiny and rivulets of water were running everywhere. As we walked to the mall near downtown Santa Rosa we walked under the highway and there were all these vines growing on the bridge, like a wood lattice and clinging and hugging every curve. It was beautiful. You just donít see stuff like that in a semi-arid climate like Colorado.

After we got home we pulled out the art supplies I bought and looked through it all. So much color, itíll be fun to experiment with it all. Jan pulled out a box of pencils and she sorted out watercolor pencils and we played with those. Oooo!! I love them!! Iíll have to get some of thoseÖ Iíd really like to experiment with those. Iíll find a place in San Jose to get some.


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