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January 06, 2004 - Tuesday, 6:42 p.m.

Beautiful Sunrise in Colorado

There was a lovely sunrise this morning. It's easy to forget how nice deep pink and pale lavender go together, until you are reminded of it by a morning sky. I didn't want to get up this morning. I wanted to peacefully sleep a couple more hours. Somehow I managed to pull myself out of the warm cocoon of my bed. Nothing worse then getting up in the dark out of a nice warm bed.

I can't seem to warm up now. I hate days like that. All I can think about it getting the chance to warm up. Am dreaming of a hot bath as my day trickles away here. Seems all I can think about today is creative expression. I'd like to have some time to draw... write poetry... paint... write anything... create, create, create... my logical mind is getting plenty of work out time, but my creative sides seems to be screaming for attention. Crocheting probably isn't going to cut it. I need to either write or dig out some art supplies...

Ever heard the expression "Jack of all Trades, Master of None"? Seems I can dabble in quite a variety of things... but not terribly good at any of it. Wish I could paint what I can see in my mind... but it never looks the same on paper... I can get closer with a camera... but would need to travel to really get on film what I want. Still bummed about the rolls of film I took on my vacation to Michigan. Nothing came out at all... either something is wrong with my camera... or the film was bad. I need to test the camera to figure it out for sure. Terribly disappointing... especially seeing as I'll probably never make that trip again. I will probably see if I can take Justin's camera to California with me. I'd like to have a nice digital camera of my own... maybe one day down the road.

Struggling with vehicles recently. Ugh!! My ancient Toyota needs new tires and a repair to some terrible oil leak somewhere. My Honda, though recently receiving a new clutch (about a year ago) is in need of a new clutch again. Grrr! There's a grand I wish I didn't have to spend. Guess at some point it got out of adjustment and Phil didn't know it was an issue (as most of the time he has driven, the clutch hasn't behaved right). So I replaced the Master and Slave cylinders and they told me the clutch was wrecked. Argh!! We are limping along with it now, til it goes completely. Would be nice to think about a new-to-me car, but that's not going to fit in my budget any time in the next... say.. two years. SOOOOoo... need to get the Toyota working good.


Hey!!! Woo-hoo... home at last!! My massage was good. What a mess my shoulders and neck are. You'd think I was lugging the whole flippin' world around on my shoulders.

While I was standing waiting for my ride at the medical building, an older man stopped to talk to me about the weather. He told me how he likes the snow, but not the cold and he mentioned how in the late 70's we had some winters that stayed cold and snowy all winter. I nodded and realized that I remembered that winter!!! It was my first year in college... the fall of 1978 and spring of 1979. And it was VERY cold that winter. That was the first year I went out with LAB. That was a good winter... but FREEZING cold. Brought back a flood of memories. Until that moment I didn't realize that we haven't had a winter like that since then. Amazing.

We picked up a couple steaks at the store for dinner. Mmmmmm.... they are marinating as we speak. Gonna take that hot bath soon and do a little reading before I crash for the night.

Sweet dreams, all.


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