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December 27, 2003 - Saturday, 2:45 p.m.

The Holiday's

School’s been over for a week now. It was good to get everything handed in and be done with it. I got A’s in everything!!! Amazing!! I was thinking a B in one class and ended up with an A-. So, I have a 3.9. I am THRILLED!! Since then I have spent a number of days not doing much of anything.

December 19th was Justin’s 21st birthday. Amazing!! Friday night I went to about an hour of our Christmas Party for work and then went and saw “The Return of the King”. What a great movie!!! I am almost sad they are all over. I still have the extended version of “The Return of the King” to look forward too. Peter Jackson did an amazing job of directing, producing and envisioning this project. I loved the books and was so very happy with all of the movies!! I’ve dug out the books and after 23 years am going to read the series again. I am about 100 pages into “The Fellowship of the Ring” so far.

December 20th we had Justin’s birthday party at my parents. It was a very nice party. We had Teriyaki-Lime Chicken and Rice… and cheese cake for dessert. We played games and visited. It was really a nice day.

Last week I only worked two days and went in with CamiSue both days. On Tuesday I road home with her and on the way we stopped at the theatre and watched “The Return of the King” again. It was CamiSue’s first viewing. Again, it was SO good. I am sure I’ll have to go see it again!

Christmas Eve I spent with Lee and Gaby. We watched “White Christmas” and visited. It was a nice laid back evening. I got some nice gifts from Lee, a heating pad with a massage unit in it, some goblet-type votive candle holders and a trinket box. All of it was so very nice. I liked them all very much.

Christmas Day I spent at my parents. (The boys were with their Dad on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). Mom made turkey dinner. It was WONDERFUL. We played Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Trivial Pursuit. It was a very nice day. I hung around until almost midnight!

I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom. Phil thinks I am crazy to move the furniture around like I do. I think I must move it about once everything 6 months or so. I like the change. Yesterday and today I spent working on the laundry room. It’s pretty well cleaned up. I got the storage all cleaned out and then reloaded back in all neatly. I should be ready for Kevin any time now. He could work in the laundry room framing in the ducting and a door for the storage area. It will be nice to get the basement done. I am hoping I can get a lot done over then next few weekends.

Working in the laundry room has really stirred up a lot of dust. I’m having a respiratory reaction to the dust. Justin’s asthma has acted up… and Phil is allergic to dust. I am not getting a lot of help, but I am still moving along on the project. Thank goodness for Benedryl (or the generic equivalent).

I have a software training class the third week in January and will be going to California the Thursday before to visit Jan in Santa Rosa. It’s been over a year since I last saw her. I am looking forward to the visit and seeing the sights with her. The week after I return from the class in San Jose, I start the spring semester.

Today it is back to Woodland Park. Kim’s family, Uncle Dale, Mike and Becky will be there… and all my sister’s, again. It should be a nice afternoon and evening.

Later… M.

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