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November 01, 2003 - 7:45 a.m.


November already!! I can't believe how fast the year has slipped by!! I'm halfway through my semester at school. I've about made it through midterms!! I still have a couple long days of working on my Econ Midterm. Ugh! But hopefully that'll go smooth.

I finished up Phil's costume for his Halloween Party. It looks pretty good. Aye Mateys! Argh... Pirates away.


Gaby's costume turned out cute as well. That's the one I finished up last weekend. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, of course.

It was a quiet night for trick-or-treater's. It was freezing out - literally. It is still below freezing this morning. The house is cold. It is a grey, foggy morning. Definitely a day to snuggle under the covers.

So much still left to do, and this grey day is not motivating me. I should be sleeping in this morning, but have been up since about 6:30 am. Gah! What am I thinking? This is some of the best 'sleeping weather' we've had in a long time. I have been reading The Bleat daily! I so enjoy his commentaries on the day. His site definitely makes me think about my own roots.

My days have really been full this fall. The days and weeks slipping by so fast. I am enjoying college more then I thought I would. I guess I figured it would be work, but I wasn't sure I'd really enjoy it. The classes are good. They are all new to me. I was a soft science major, and that is what my under graduate degree was in... anthropology, geology, geography... suddenly I am in the business college. I've never had economics, marketing, any of that stuff. All the information is new and interesting. This is a definite bonus.

Work is going good. I am so busy there that often I have no chance of finishing up projects as soon as I'd like. I am going to get training on some Cadence software for package design. Suffice to say it's design software. This is the software that I was hoping to learn about a couple years ago. It is the fundamental software for my job if I am going to be a designer. I'll spend a week in San Jose learning about it in January. This is great, it is a definite step in a direction I've felt I've wanted to go for a while.

This year has been filled with massive, massive changes for me. I can hardly recount how much my life has been impacted by the changes. In January I had surgery for weight loss. I have struggled with back problems most of my life, and now in the last ten years have battled high blood pressure. Almost two years ago I herniated a disk in my lower back and was looking at surgery for a couple months, while dealing with terrible sciatica pain. Fortunately the herniated disk healed itself. I opted for the bypass surgery rather then face back surgery again. What an amazing change in my life. I've lost 90 lbs. An unbelievable amount of weight and I truely feel like I am getting back my life.

The only piece that I am struggling with now is the spiritual part of my life. Not that I don't know what I believe or who I am. I am struggling with is how I mirror my beliefs in my daily life. I know I need to pray more, read more, reflect more. The Christian culture really is a "once a week, talk to God" kind of thing. We've really missed out on the discipline of daily prayer that the people of Islam have focused on. As a Baha'i sometimes I truely feel like I skipped a year of school and missed out on alot of skills. To top it off, discipline seems to be lacking from my list of strengths!

How do we ever find the time to accomplish all that we need to accomplish in any given day?

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