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October 27, 2003 - Monday, 11:05 p.m.

Fall Back

Fall Back. I love coming off of daylight savings time. Itís great getting back the hour I lost in April. Itís strange to have it get dark so early. It seems like I should feel more rested, but I just feel tired.

It's midterms week. I have a couple to work on this week. One is take home and the other is in class.

Justin's back from China. He had a great trip. I picked him up last Tuesday night. He was missing one bag, and put in a claim for it. On Thursday the airlines called. They had a suitcase that matched his description, but it had lost a handle so he had to tell them what was in it. He starts listing boxes and stuff, and he mentions gum, and the guy's like.. "ok it's yours". They deliver it and he's showing me the stuff in his suitcase. He take out a box or two and there is like 4 cases of Carefree Blueberry gum, straight from China. It cracked me up. No wonder that was all the airline needed to identify the suitcase.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon making a 'Dorothy' dress for Gaby for Halloween. It turned out cute. She's gonna look adorable.

It's been a Disney month. I think some how I must find the channel relaxing. Something nice about watching somewhat predictable, happy endings type shows. Phil rolls his eyes every time he comes by my room.. "What are you watching? The Disney Channel? Geez Mom... "

Gotta get some sleep.. but I'll try to get back here tomorrow.


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