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September 26, 2003 - Friday, 7:31 p.m.

Home Projects - Phase 1 - Completed

Ack!! It's been a week and a half!! Sorry about that. It's been a crazy week!! I am still trying to tie up all the lose ends at the house. The 'home projects' for the main floor have nearly come to completion. Woo-hoo!! All the painting is done.. all the furniture has arrived and been put in it's appropriate location. I just have to hang stuff on the walls... move the piano.. and clean the TV room. It looks marvelous!! I am thrilled. By this time tomorrow it'll all be done and everyone will have come over for the birthday parties.

I am hoping I'll be able to spend some time Sunday working in the yard. I love the Fall. It would be nice to get some time in outdoors.

School is going along well. So far, I am doing fine on all the assignments and readings for my classes. Just starting work on a 'research paper'. I was lucky enough to draw the card 'Public Relations' for my topic. (I'm not even sure if that is sarcasm or if I'm serious.) Still haven't figured out what this paper is going to look like, but thinking about it.

Justin leaves for China on Sunday. He went out and bought a new digital camera, so we should have a lot of good pictures from his trip. Moon is looking forward to his visit. I'll be glad when all the paperwork gets finished and Moon is here. Then they can get married and Justin can concentrate on getting his degree done.

Kyle and Maqui went to Maqui's ultrasound Monday. They came by to see me in the afternoon to show me pictures. Looks like I am going to be the Great Aunt to a little girl in February. :o) They both seem excited which is really good, it's a tough path to chose at 17, but I think they will be okay.

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