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September 15, 2003 - Monday, 5:13 p.m.

The Farm

Autumn arrived this past weekend. It was rainy and cold all day on Saturday. There was even a frost warning in effect for the evening. I talked to my mother in Woodland Park, and it was snowing there Saturday afternoon/early evening. I closed up the windows and turned on the furnace. The temperature dropped to 33 degree, just barely above the freezing level, though Sunday it was back up in the sixties and sunny.

The house project is coming along. All the carpet is up now. I just have painting left to do in my room. Woo-hoo!! I've scheduled the carpet to be laid on Saturday morning. So... everything needs to be ready by the time I go to sleep on Friday night. I will be SOOooo glad to have the disarray at my house put back in order!! I need to schedule furniture delivery now.

:o) I'll call for the sofa and such... will have that delivered next Tuesday and then the other furniture on Thursday. :o) I can't WAIT!

My mother and father are headed back to North Dakota again at the beginning of October. My father will head to Minnesota to help his brother wire the addition to his cabin, and my mother will stay in Minot to visit with her Mother. Her sister from California will be there as well.

Mom's brother is about ready to get rid of the farm house out on the farm, so it's time for them to be thinking about moving all of Grandma's stuff out of there. ::sighs:: My mother's grandfather homesteaded on that piece of land in 1900. Her father was born there in the winter of 1901. He was actually born in the room that ended up being his and grandma's bedroom. He grew up on the farm and then married and lived and worked elsewhere, until some time in the 1930's, when the homestead was foreclosed on. A neighbor went to the bank to buy the farm, but the banker felt that the family should have the first chance, and my grandpa went in and bought it. My mother was raised on that farm, and I spent many summer as a kids pulling weeds in the garden and mowing the lawn for my grandma.

My uncle took over the family farm in 1959 when my grandpa died. My uncle owned quite a bit of land and farmed Grandma's land as well. Grandma continued to own and live on the farm until about 5 or 6 years ago, when, in her 90's, she slipped a broke her hip. My uncle retired from farming about 10 - 15 years ago. A kid from the area (remember, this is a kid to my grandma, he's in his 40's) farmed with my uncle and then has continued to farm the land since my uncle retired. Interestingly enough, it was his grandfather that tried to buy the farm in the 30's. So, in the long run is looks as though the farm will probably end up in his family.

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