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September 13, 2003 - Saturday, 9:42 a.m.

The Winds of Autumn

Friday, PM

The wind has picked up. I can hear the chime outside my window and the wind rushing through the trees. I love the sound of the chimes. It makes me think of the all the wind chimes and sculptures from the movie ĎTwisterí. Itís funny how autumn just sneaks up on you. The warm, balmy days of summer slowly drift away. The temperature drops just a little bit more each night and then you notice that the sun is rising a little later and the setting a little earlier. Suddenly the trees start to change color and itís autumn.

The Metaphysical Fair is in town this weekend. Need your fortune told? How about a new deck of Tarot cards?! Usually, when I go, I like to look around at all the jewelry. I love the different things made from stones. Once about 5 or 6 years ago I went to the Fair with a friend. I came across a pendant that I loved. It was a rose quartz heart. The setting is silver; at the top are two dolphins nose to nose, their tails hold the two sides of the heart and their noses pointing toward the part of the pendant that attaches to the chain. I loved it. A couple years later I found another with the same setting, but a shiny blue stone, infused somehow. Any wayÖ I started wearing the rose quartz pendant about 2 weeks ago. Some time in the last week I realized it was gone. It somehow came off my neck. I have no idea where it went. I canít believe it. It was something Iíd hoped to have all my life. I guess Iíll go by the Fair tomorrow sometime. I hope I can find another, if I canít find my original one.

John Ritter died yesterday. He was very young. Only 54 years old. Itís one of those things that make you think about how time is passing. When we are young we donít think about growing old and people dying that are within our generation. But it is definitely something you find yourself thinking about when you are in your 40ís. I realized the other day that in all practicality we are very similar in age to our own children. Three hundred years ago when people died in their 30ís, the gap between child and parent was great. But now, when we live well into our 80ís, our children arrive very close to our own generation. I donít think I ever really thought about it before in quite that way.

My grandmother is 99 years old. Sheíll turn 100 in March of 2004. She is my motherís mother. My own mother was born 68 years ago. She is the baby of her family. My mother seems very young to me, not anywhere close to 70. She doesnít seem much different to me then she was 20 years ago. I am her oldest child, and I am 43 years old. My oldest son will be 21 in December. Four generations. Only about 25 years between each generation. Once I thought 25 years was quite a long timeÖthen I went to my 25 year high school reunion. Boy, those 25 year just FLEW by.

Saturday AM

Boy did I ramble. HEY!!! Yesterday was CamiSue and Kev's 22nd wedding anniversary!! Happy Anniversary you two!!

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