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September 04, 2003 - Thursday, 10:41 p.m.

Escape and the Long Short Week

Escaping from reality… simply escaping from the pressures of the day. Taking a mental trip to some pleasant location, has helped many a day for me. I am stressing about my finances, or work, or ANYthing… and just drifting into a relaxing spot in my mind makes all the difference. I have favorite places I go… most of the time it’s a lake… any lake. I have nothing better to do then listen to the wind, feel the sun and daydream. My last entry was one such wandering. It’s what I call my ‘escape’ writing. It helps to create the daydream. It creates the setting, sets the mood, and the mind can wander from there. I have often written them over a course of numerous emails to a friend of mine. She’s usually having ‘one of those days’ when you want to throttle everyone that darkens your door. I usually write about places that I can envision, places that in my mind I find relaxing and I’d just ‘go there’ mentally. I find that I thoroughly enjoy going to these places.

A number of years ago I wrote three different ‘escapes’ to my favorite locations… “The Ocean”, “The Lake” and “The Cabin”. They are my VERY personal favorites. These locations all hold something for me. Solitude… peace… comfort. If I can find them I’ll put them here over the next few entries.

These ‘4 day weeks’ after ‘3 day weekends’ always seem to last far longer then a normal week. Perhaps it is everyone trying to make up for the missed work day. I don’t know what it is, but it wears me out! I only had two classes this week… but I’ll be spending a good hunk of my weekend working on my homework. Hope I can squeeze in a little time for the ‘home projects’ I have on my list.

Time to go to sleep I do believe. Pleasant dreams.


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