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August 18, 2003 - 9:25 p.m.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi... I'm Mali. I am a forty-something, divorcee (for 10 years), mother of three boys. My two oldest are in college and my youngest is living with his dad. This fall (well, next week actually) I embark on my MBA. It's going to take me about 3 years (if I am lucky). I'll be taking classes with people closer to the age of my kids then my own age. That should be interesting.

I am hoping this is going to put me into a salary bracket where perhaps I can contemplate retiring before I am 80, instead of the current plan of work-study in the nursing home until I die. My manager signed my 'let work pay for school' paperwork. He asked me what my career plan was. Ugh!! You see, the only way to move up in my current department would be for someone in my group to die, and then for me to have a sex change operation. As a man I'd have a chance. My manager seemed to infer that an MBA isn't really going to help much, as he feels that only electrical engineers with MBA have any career path. Grrrr! He didn't bother to say that having a p*nis would most likely assist in my career plans, but it felt like an unspoken truth. I imagine I am going to have to come up with a plan, but would like to have a couple classes under my belt. I know the degree is going to help alot, I just can see the exact path at the moment.

I just spent the better part of nine days driving my car. Well, not technically my car... as I rented it, but still I was sitting in the drivers seat for four thousand miles! We did a road trip, my sister and I. We left from Colorado and went to North Dakota via Michigan. Not exactly a straight line, more like a BIG circle. I wanted to visit a friend in Michigan, and for some bizarre reason, really wanted to see the upper penisula of Michigan. Which, now, I have. (More on this later).

It was nice to visit friends and nice to see new sites. It was great to get home.

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